Ensuring Cable Quality

At Ravicab, we believe the cost of inferior cable is simply too high. You deserve superior quality cable that handles your requirements for today and tomorrow, without compromise. we believe that the cable performance a manufacturer reports on the reel should be the performance you get when the cable is in the wall-a situation we have found not to be the case in a surprising number of experiences with cable other than Ravicab.

Fortunately, when you work with Ravicab, you get performance you can trust. That's because Ravicab has developed manufacturing techniques that ensure that you realize the performance you expect and pay for. When you work with Ravicab, you get cable products that are dependable, saving you time and money year after year.

At Ravicab, the quality process starts from the top line and not the bottom line, where inspection is conducted.

Through adopting a strategy of using excellent quality raw materials, and continuous monitoring and controlling of the each process, which is measured for its performance through KPIs with statistical techniques, Ravicab brings to its customers a high performance cables.

Ravicab believes that by fast approaching the road of 5 sigma, it can honour its commitment of supplying consistent product quality to its customers. We believe that customers will consider this valid parameter while choosing a source of supply.

In the end, Quality at Ravicab is not just a word tossed around because it sounds good, Quality is a Commitment. We have built our name and reputation on Quality, and it is the ongoing dedication to that principle which makes our customer choose us over competitors.

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